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"So what's with the name 'Caution Glass'?"

    Ahhh, the question we get asked every other day. The name comes from when owner/founder Micah Pendleton worked in television as a Creative and Marketing Director. The door to his office was glass and had been painted over and had a sign on it that read "Caution Glass". When embarking on creating his very own company, the name was decided to be just that!

     Caution Glass was started in 2021 to be a full service video production and branding tool for our clients.      

     Seeing shifts in the advertising and marketing industries it was very clear that video was the future. With an award winning background in TV, Micah new what businesses wanted and needed... good content.

     But there's too much for mere words here! We'll tell our story in video as it should be and will post it here when done.

Caution Glass LLC Company Owner Micah Pendleton standing in front of his former office door at WTVY television in Dothan Alabama while he was Creative and Marketing Director for News 4
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